Monday, February 23, 2009

Complete Book of Vegetarian Recipes or Seasoned With Words a Cookbook

Complete Book of Vegetarian Recipes

Author: Jean Conil

Bored with your everyday vegetarian recipes? Planning a vegetarian menu for your dinner party and stuck for ideas? Clever tips for exciting dressings and suggestions for garnishes and presentation to transform simple vegetarian dishes into a stylish experience.

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Seasoned With Words, a Cookbook: Stories, Memoirs and Poems About Food

Author: Oregon Writers Colony

Sixty-plus members and friends of Oregon Writers Colony wrote vignettes and recipes for this cookbook to inaugurate the Colonyhouse Collection. New York Times best-selling authors, regional and national award winners, and writers whose time is yet to come are represented here." "Some of these authors are genuine lovers of the culinary arts, practices and inventions. Others keep up treasured traditions in their busy modern lives. Some are frankly expedient cooks, giving as little time as possible to the preparation of food, handing on their hints of how to save time and effort in the kitchen." "Seasoned with Words will be a good read for people who like writing and food - either or both. The incredible range of writing styles and subject matter shows the meat and bones of what a writers organization such as Oregon Writers Colony can produce. Seasoned has science fiction, memoirs about past lives and lives that are past, poetry and fiction.

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